Mekuriya Bassaye Mining

Started as a small-scale mining Company, Mekuriya Bassaye Mining has now turned into a Large-scale Gold Mining company.

In addition to Gold, we are in the process to start mining and exporting Precious Metals including Tantalum, Nickel, Lithium, and Emeralds.

To the right is the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation’s coverage of our works.

We are committed to the growth of the community we are working in. We are focused on sustainable development.

On the left is news coverage of the road we built to the community where one of our mines is located.

The project provides the community with a safe, easy, and convenient way to work and travel.

We provide free professional training for local entrepreneurs who want to start small-scale gold mining projects.

As part of our social good efforts, we support local adults who want to be productive or advance their current skills.

Free professional training session provided by Time General Business Group